Are money making websites really worth it?

Let’s have a little sit down here, there are websites that are going to pay you for various things; as shopping, taking surveys, testing and reviewing products. No, we are not taking any money for giving negative feedback about these sites. But, let’s face it. Are they really worth it?

Well, it depends.

Not quite the answer you’d expect. Here’s the part you’ve been waiting for.

There are two types of people that use these websites.

There are people who would take it responsibly who simply use it whenever necessary, they take surveys, play a game here and there, go for a product promotion and voila, they earn a ten dollar something voucher. For these people, these websites are more than fantastic.

Although, 10 dollars a month won’t make you retire early or give you financial stability, but honestly, you’ve done nothing actually to earn the 10 dollars. You’ve been going with your life normally and you did earn 10 dollars, nothing wrong with that, and we all love it.

However, there is another type who would go everywhere for it. They are the people who complete tasks, take surveys, and plays games solely for the sake of earning money from these websites. These people are simply wasting valuable time that they could spend learning something that could earn them dozens of money.

Why isn’t it worth it?

Let’s take SwagBucks for example, the best deal a normal user would redeem is the 5 dollar Amazon Gift Card. It costs around 450 swag bucks, which is less than most of the other gift types. But, a 5 dollar gift card that costs 450 swag bucks means each swag buck is essentially worth .01 dollar (Doing the math, 5 USD/ 450 swag bucks = .01 dollar) The most simple task would earn you between .01 dollar to 0.15 dollar. While you could consider this a great reward for doing actually nothing out of the ordinary and while it doesn’t require any knowledge, it’s not certainly worth actively seeking out more swag bucks.

The important question is, how much your time is actually worth?

Let’s say you’re taking a simple survey for a few more swag bucks, it is a 10 minute survey and will earn you 10 swag bucks. That means that for each one minute you’re earning .01 dollar, meaning for each hour you earn 60 cents! I am pretty sure if you’re happy with that wage, your boss would love to pay you in swag bucks instead. If you’re really bored, this is one way to go, but your time is still worth more than that.

Speaking of which, this very same principal should go anywhere when seeking swag bucks in any other form. If you’re looking for a way to make more bucks, do the math first. There’s a very good chance that you’re better off looking for a part-time job, or a more creative solution. Yet, there is a fascinating marketing brilliance in these websites which is they pay you in vague objects. Would you like it if I say “Do you want to earn a nickel for every survey you take?”, or “Do you want 5 points for every survey you take?”

The final words

As much as this article would sound flaming up sites like SwagBucks while it is really not. We’re simply pointing to the fact that you should not quit your job or poorly do your job because you’re playing a game for an extra few bucks. Going out of your way to earn bucks does not and will not make any sense, they’ll not give you financial stability at any time, but when used responsibly, it is actually great.

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